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Mr. Hughlings Himwich, a Latin and English teacher for nearly half a century, composed the first Classical Literacy Exam (CLE) for his students in 1992. Almost seventeen years later, in 2009, a group of Latin students, ABQ. Latin, began sponsoring the CLE. ABQ. Latin consisted of Latin students from Albuquerque Academy, other area schools, and homeschools in Albuquerque, NM. Five years later, the majority of students in the original group had graduated and moved on and the group was coming to an end. Now in 2019, Mr. Himwich and Joseph Malone, a past CLE Chair, continue the CLE, keeping with the tradition of high school participation through the student chair(s) from schools in Albuquerque, NM.

Joseph Malone continues to assist with the CLE after graduating from high school by providing advice and web site support. He furthered his studies of Latin and Greek by earning a double BA in Classics: Greek and Computer Science at the University of Dallas in Texas. His senior project focused on the literature and methods of farming in the Classical world. He is now the chief software engineer at a startup company in the health care technology field in Dallas, called Careexpand.

The guiding idea of the CLE is to include everything that educated people should know about the classical world, even if they have unfortunately never had a Latin class. Students study an official list of classical terms, phrases, and identifications. The test then requires students themselves to provide the term, phrase, or identification from that list that correctly answers a given question. The CLE is a great way for students to test their knowledge of the classical world.

Classical Scholar’s Exam >

In 2014, the Classical Scholar’s Exam (CSE) was introduced by Mr. Himwich. This exam is similar to the CLE in format, but the major difference is that there are no list of terms to study from. The CSE is a much broader and deeper test of knowledge of the classical world. The CLE committee runs the CSE.


The Tenth Annual Classical Literacy Exam Committee 2018-2019 >

Co-Chairs: Carolyn Wang

Webmaster:  Joseph Malone

CLE Board:  Mr. Hugh Himwich and Joseph Malone


Past Chairs >

2017-2018 Bryn Frye-Mason and Garrett Frye-Mason

2016-2017 Charles Touche and Alex Touche (Albuquerque Academy)

2015-2016 Eleanor Wynn (Albuquerque Academy)

2014-2015 Remy Link and Eleanor Wynn (Albuquerque Academy)

2013-2014 Sarah Blog (Albuquerque Academy)

2012-2013 Luke Malone (Homeschool) & Iliana Bray (Albuquerque Academy)

2011-2012 Joseph Malone (Homeschool)

2010-2011 Joseph Malone (Homeschool)

2009-2010 Patrick Malone (Homeschool)