Welcome to the Classical Exams website: Home of the Classical Literacy Exam and the Classical Scholar’s Exam!


This year marks the tenth year of the CLE and our efforts to promote classical literacy for the modern age.

THE BIG NEWS: REGISTRATION for the Classical Literacy Exam and the Classical Scholars Exam is now FREE. Students may now take the CLE and CSE at no charge whatsoever, nor are there any other charges for shipping. We have been able to do this by dropping the award of physical medals while still retaining our colorful certificates for the various levels of achievement. We hope this change will serve to the promote classical literacy in the schools and colleges.

Basic Information

1. Online registration for the exam will open on September 15. The deadline for registration is February 1, 2019.

2. You may choose to give the exam at any time during the months of February and March.

3. The list of terms for the 2019 CLE remains unchanged from 2018. New this year is an official list for the CSE. All answers to these exams will come from the official lists.

4. Teachers score their own exams and report results to us by April 1. By April 15, we will send teachers the parameters for the awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention) and the link for printing the certificates.

5. Teachers are reminded that with respect to the Classical Literacy Exam, neither the level of Latin nor grade in school need correlate with the level of exam taken. For example, to master the terms, we recommend that students who have not previously achieved at least a Bronze on a given level take the same level of exam the following year. Teachers may and should decide the appropriate level of exam for each individual student. The Classical Scholar’s Exam, however, does require students to compete in accordance with their grade level.

6. Exams will be posted on our website. Prior to the time for taking the exams, teachers will receive a password that will enable them to download exams and answers. Teachers will continue to report results via our online routine.

9.  For a complete description of the CLE and official CLE lists of terms, please go to the Classical Literacy Exam page and subsequent pages (see the lists here: CLE Lists).

10.  The Classical Scholar’s Exam may be taken instead of, or in addition to, the Classical Literacy Exam. The procedures for the Classical Scholar’s Exam are same as those for the CLE. This year the CSE will again focus on The Odyssey, but we will provide an official list of names and terms. For a fuller description click on The Classical Scholar’s tab to the left.  (See the lists here: CSE Lists).

11.  Under the Classical Literacy Exam tab to the left you will find testing from the previous nine years, and full descriptions of the Classical Literacy Exam and the Classical Scholar’s Exam.

If you have any questions, email us at clechair@classicalexams.org. You may also contact Mr. Himwich directly at Himwich@aa.edu (210.216.5778).

Thank you for visiting ClassicalExams.org and showing your interest in the Classics! We will send out a reminder of the opening of registration on September 15.

The Classical Literary Exam is an excellent review tool for my Latin students.  It is also a fun way to get them to learn about Greco-Roman culture by preparing for a national competition where they can win medals.  On our school’s academic awards night, the principal presents the medals to students on stage with proud parents watching in the audience.  This exam has also been a great recruitment tool for prospective freshmen to take Latin.  The exam format is easy and user friendly without the problems of bubble-in answer sheets.

– Dr. Vincent Dever, Mary Star of the Sea High School, San Pedro, CA